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January 22, 2020

Let’s Talk | Showing Up!

It’s Wednesday, the hump day. We’re on gear 5, pushing through and I’m not going to lie, my low fuel warning light has been red all week.  Let’s have a day in life with a mama – I get awoken up by my new alarm clock who can’t be snoozed now, because she has feelings. I change & feed her, and then I have my breakfast. (Sometimes) I put my makeup on for a pep me up! I set goals for the day, set my mind up for a good productive day!!! I answer my emails & before I am done, it’s feeding time again!  It’s afternoon, I’ve probably nursed, washed, nappy changed, cuddled, feed & pumped for the 54th time, & guess what! I realised my goals are still untouched. I put her in her gym, I am ready to check some goals off the list. My mind wanders off to the baby gym & I feel the guilt of abandoning her during the little time she is awake. I succumb to the guilt, pick her up and we have another cuddle. She sleeps, I flop flat and give in to a nap. Let’s talk about feeling unworthy of dreams […]
January 14, 2020

Planning A Wedding | Some Things We Did Not Regret

It’s still the week of my Wedding Anniversary, and God knows how many times I’ve revisited my wedding memories this week. How heart-warming it is to feel the butterflies about one of the most outstanding days of my life all over again. I don’t know about yours, but my 2020 is the year of weddings. Watching them do their wedding planning in full action, I gave mine some reflection. Planning mine in the middle of a work peak didn’t leave much room for much shilly-shallying – pretty much set the date, wrote the guest list, booked the venue and vendors all in a week. Getting it all right was a lot of hit and miss. While there are some things we could have done differently, there were some that absolutely have we no regrets about! Thought I’ll leave some of them here!   Keeping It Intimate One thing we were sure of from day one was that we wanted an intimate and meaningful wedding. Saying our vows to one another, having it all done before God, and sharing it all with our closest family and friends. Having a small wedding also frees us time and energy to catch up with […]
January 12, 2020

Our First One – The One Of Belonging

  They say that firsts are best because they are beginnings, and the beauty of firsts is that it leads to a thousand others. It’s true. First breath, first smile, first snow, first love. From destiny, yours forever, impossible to forget. Today, is a very special first for me!! One year ago, I got married!!! 365 days! I’m still trying to wrap my head around how we completely maxed out each and every day of the past married year. The bigger part of it was great – there was always enough to be thankful for and that’s wonderful. But in between the all of the great, there were nasty days. Making a new city my home, missing the adrenaline rush of the job I absolutely love, the people, man those days felt too quiet to be true! Let’s not start with morning sickness – I was a digestive volcano and emotional tornado. Messy! Of course there were days when we couldn’t see eye to eye, and other ones that I felt like fish out of water, frustrated with all the change. Those were ugly. Here’s the thing. The beauty in all of that was facing each and every one of […]
January 8, 2020

These Strong Things

One week into the newest year and a lot has already felt different. Unlike the previous years of flattening out the accelerator to hit every goal, this year took off with a week filled with family & friends, making beautiful memories and having conversations that put me in the right mind frame. This year will be an adventure of its own kind. The prospects are looking bright & exciting but the ride will be wildly nerve wracking. My one and only goal is to start strong – physically and mentally & keep that up all the way! So, I begin this year by etching these 5 things in my mind & in my heart. All which possess strength on its own. Hope. This one beams the brightest this time of the year. Hope lights up the biggest unknown. Like the tiniest light at the crack of dawn, that eventually penetrates the sky so wide. Purpose – the one that gets us out of bed every morning and sets us up to live each minute to the fullest! Its the one that gives it all meaning, the one that makes us come alive. Trust. The one that stretches out as far […]
January 1, 2020

With Love, Z

Happy 2020 & Happy New Decade! This decade started out in a way like never before & that definitely means brand new realisations and perspectives. This year I wake up to a sleeping child by my side and I think of ‘Sleeping Child’ by Michael Learns to Rock. Listen to it! It sends you to the moon. The last 43 days was insightful of how everyone of us started out! The smallest greeting or small talk can spark the brightest smile. How blissful her sleep is that she even laughs in them. Her transparency and honesty. Her curiosity. How she grows so gracefully. Her perfect baby glow. Imagine that! Man, if that’s how we all started out, what have we done!! I’d like to start over with the new decade please! I’d like a simple mind, for a simple mind takes nothing for granted. And then to be aware that we started with nothing and that everything we have, we are given. That reminds us that we are loved deeply and realising that really, the grandest things in life are valued in the scale of love. That keeps us modest. May our eyes sparkle endlessly from the wonder all around. […]