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December 30, 2019

Printing Memories

I am an extremely nostalgic person. So I’ve lived through each and every evolving photo trend there ever was in my lifetime 100%. I was that child who would flip through old photo albums over and over again, I loved telling and listening to the stories that came with each picture. My favorite ones were the ones of my parent’s wedding and our birth albums. When the digital camera age came along, I wouldn’t leave the house without my pocket-size digital camera with me, ever! My walls were filled with my favorite shots I printed off my color inkjet printer! Of course, they have got to be photoshopped with butterflies or glowy effects first when I got introduced to Adobe Photoshop at about 15 or 16. The next big thing was syncing them into our 2.0 megapixel Nokia phones and iPod Videos! DSLRs, Polaroid Cameras, Smartphones and Social Media came and replaced the good old printed 6x4s. Life just got so fast that flipping through printed pictures of real moments has been taken over by feeds of ‘Instagram worthy’ ones. Every now and then, I’ve thought about putting together photo albums of recent special moments, the raw & candid ones, […]
December 27, 2019

Some Special ‘Yes’s in 2019

December puts me in such a fuzzy mood – a combination of nostalgic, dreamy & thankful all at once. Winding down has always been my way of gaining clarity for the new year & loading up my thankfulness tank as everything sure is more beautiful and meaningful on hindsight. I take the time to revisit moments, feel and pay attention to every emotion & lessons deeply, count my blessings & release myself of things that I can’t control. 2019 was a pretty epic year for me! I shall grant a curtain call for those that I said ‘Yes’ to and did not regret!!! The first big ‘Yes’ went to my then fiancé now husband at our wedding in January which set us on this grand roller coaster ride called marriage. What a way to start the year, in a good way I mean! Marriage is like signing up to love unconditionally, blow up the good things & write-off every offence endlessly & do life hand in hand with the most loyal comrade 24/7. Its awesome! That came with making a new city my home, settling into new roles & routine. I took the chance to take a career break to […]
December 24, 2019

The Star On Top

So we’ve arrived at the most wonderful time of the year! My most favourite season ever, I used to ask my parents if theres Christmas Eve, is there Christmas Eve’s eve, and eve and eve and eve too? I just wanted to make the most of the season. Ever since I was a child, this time every year my mind sets off to believe anything I want, let my imagination run free and expect unbelievable things! Could it be the mystery of Santa Claus, the euphoria of sending in the wish list and having it all come true on Christmas Day as a child? Or reaching high and tall to put the star on top of the tree? How about the special Christmas food!!! Yum yum! Or! The Christmas carols, Jazz music skipping in the air… the lights & enchanting decorations invading every home, mall and street?? OR could it be the warmth of friends & family, and that there is more giving than taking! Goodwill, gratitude and love blown up all around. verything is a whole lot brighter, gentler & so captivating. This time this year, Im reminded of some valuable words a special person told me this year […]
December 19, 2019

Motherhood Crown

18 November 2019 The Motherhood crown landed on my lap, gifted by a very special little girl Dreamt of this all my life! I’ve always imagined mothers with angelic wings, wearing a golden crown full of diamonds and superpowers! A magical title, maybe because my mother was gentle, strong, present, selfless, wise, wonderful basically. So, this is a dream come true for me. My chance to hold myself against her high standards and just maybe, I would come close to what she was to me! It’s been a beautiful month! It’s like living the dream everyday. Mummy duties have completely kicked in which means, being a human cow, nappy changing, a full-time mama-paparazzi, baby’s happiness manager, basically, while looking like a zombie apocalypse survivor. Then I have magic moments like tiny hands wrapped around me during feeds, little feet fidgeting mid-air, glass marble eyes staring into mine, chubby cheeks, one-sided smiles, winks, & have you ever watch a sleeping child? Angels on earth!!! Hearts all over the world!!! It’s amazing how I love ALL of it completely without a second thought. My new mummy’s heart is full to the brim & seem to be more and more in love each […]
December 2, 2019

Sunset Convictions 

It’s the time of year when fall is going on winter & half of the world is showing off the beautiful fall colors. I feel the vibes halfway across the world, where the snuggle bug is real and I want to turn the AC on full blast, put the thickest sweater on, & stay under the comforter for an hour or two longer. In this part of the world, sunsets does it for me. The vibrancy of the colors that take turns to fill the sky batch by batch at the time of the day when my mind often wanders off and away, either from exhaustion or nostalgia for a day well spent. Like this sunset I caught in Hillary’s Boat Harbour in Perth on the last day of 2015. I remember standing there trying to memorise the combinations that took turns to decorate the sky. All so extravagantly stunning, seized me to stop and think of the year that went by (we just started Flint and Steel Borneo then) and all the possibilities that are so unpredictable yet so obviously divine. May we be always on the look out for wonder, allow life to captivate us the way sunsets […]