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November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving! My Super Day! 

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! A whole day dedicated to celebrating grateful hearts? Count me in! It’s one of the super-days in my calendar. Im an advocate of this life changing way of living because it changed my life for the best! Over the years, I’ve learnt that life is never going to be perfect but I’ve also learnt that happiness is not parallel to that! Really, the true essence of happiness is thankfulness. It’s a miracle potion that nurses your disappointments, and opens your eyes to catch all the beautiful possibilities there is. Just like a magnet. Imagine not missing a single wonder in your life because your heart is always in a state of content and you are at peace with people around you, your circumstances and confusion just as much as you are at peace with your victories. That makes you ever ready for a celebration. What a powerful and unstoppable way to live! My wonderful squad, there is always always ALWAYS something to be thankful for!  Start today! Celebrate something, celebrate someone! Today I am celebrating: 1. Baby cuddles & smiles 2. Unconditional Love 3. Kindness 4. Dreams 5. Family 6. Rest 7. Mars Bars 8. Everyone […]
November 26, 2019

Supersize Your Life

The way of the world & life is moving on, & forward, and on. Within every blink of an eye something is always changing and progressing & we feel like our ‘mains’ are engulfing our energy, minds, time. Before we know it we lose our grip of dear things in our lives. Over time many things took turns to take my ‘main place’. Man at one point it did seem like the significant things were taking turns to drown one another out. I still remember when it was all about getting through college, university, when really, it was mostly food, friends & fun, thank God. Some really epic years there. Then I spent 10 years of my life keeping a long distance relationship & then the next was setting up @flintandsteelborneo& those were some of the best years of my life. Then came marriage, pregnancy & now motherhood. Such wonderful seasons but all so consuming!!! It’s in the recent seasons I discovered that it’s possible to enjoy new seasons coming, without fearing old ones being left behind or abandoned – people, purpose & things that bring meaning, joy & light to your life. Most importantly, those that bring the love! Because […]
November 11, 2019

My Mindfulness Checklist

Another Monday & I’m especially stoked to discover what the new week will bring this time around. BIg week ahead! I mean, The final countdown to hold my baby girl is on & everything else that’s meant to be mine. When I think of it, it’s been this way all year long. All of 2019 has been big, big, big, & crazy, crazy, crazy. Not in the dramatic way, just lots of life-changing stuff coming at once – getting married, relocating to a new city, having a baby & a career break. Not gonna lie, slowing down to take it all in was bizarre. On hindsight, slowing down was the good I didn’t know I needed. I had all the time to be quiet and be mindful about my purpose, my inner happiness and peace… & that has not only gotten me through, but through that I discovered how powerful it is to live mindfully. It’s all about taking back the things you need and want in your life and walking away from those that you simply don’t need. It makes you simple, steady, & calm. You are at peace with anything. My happiness recipe. Kicking off the week by […]
November 6, 2019

Oh! My Guts!

I can’t believe Flint & Steel Borneo started with a couple of designed postcards we printed on our holiday in Bangkok. Here we are 5 years later, 5 years older, still doing and loving what we do despite some sore muscles, backaches, battle scars along the way. My satisfied heart is full of thankfulness, dreams, lessons, memories, love and friendships that I will endlessly cherish. Honoring the humble beginnings today, the guts of my younger self to give the tiniest opportunities a go. To work out our dreams is to keep on evolving, surfing on spontaneity, throwing perfection or an ideal out the door over and over again, gaining courage along the way and discovering how much more your heart is capable of loving and giving. And then finding out how mind blowing that is. May we never stop saying “Yes” wholeheartedly to the little knocks on our doors, dreaming be our eternal state of mind and our leaps of faith be endless. May our celebrations be epic when we look back on everything we have ever done.
November 4, 2019

Salmon Pink Power

Salmon Pink will be the color of the week. It is the staple shade of my blusher, I have a couple in my wardrobe which I like to bust out to match bright sunny days or when the mood feels right. This week I’m inspired to have a sprinkle of Salmon Pink in my mindset attitude too. Why not? Such a captivating color of freshness, grace and sass. The perfect calming tone with the power to grab your attention at the same time. I twirled around the city of Florence in this Salmon Pink dress when I visited the city of Florence for my honeymoon in June. My best effort to fit in. It was perfect for a magnificent city like that – a masterpiece showing off the centuries’ immortality in full color, bursting with charm, life and hidden treasures in every corner. The spontaneity of the locals & little osterias with food impossible not to love gave that extra touch of magic and made it all extra unforgettable. We explored every nook and cranny till the last drop of energy was used up. A tonic for our hearts. I want to find ways to always be passionate about living […]