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October 31, 2019

#HappyBits in October

Boo! It’s time to wrap yet another month up! Man, even the last quarter of the year is speeding off like crazy. I’m squeezing in as much me-time as I can get before my baby girl arrives. I find myself easily filling the days up with meaningful and hopeful things and feelings, especially at this time of the year, when the mood is warm & calm. I hold the cozy scents, cold rainy evenings, nights staring at the bokeh lights outside windows, & light-hearted music accountable for that. Who else gets the feeling? Thought I’ll take the time to think about all the special things that made me extra happy this month, relish them once more with gratitude before tucking them away in the little treasure chest in my heart. 1. Early this month, we had a spontaneous siblings reunion in Singapore! Went with the flow full-swing, so it’s got to be all about giving and taking to make the plan work. & usually that’s how it all work out spot on. Love that kinda thing. 2. Bid KL goodbye for the year with a maxed out 40kgs of luggage, more handcarries and my 7 and a half month huge […]
October 28, 2019

The Day My Life Started

I am a 1991-er, which means Ive lived through 28 years. But if you ask when my life started, as in when I started really living, I would look 4 years back and point at the most dubious moments of my life where I was grief-stricken, unsure of my career path, savage, basically. My worldview was all as it was until I quit my 9-5 job a year and a half later with zero plans. That eventually played out to be the most defining years of my life. They shaped me to not only start dreaming, but to live fearlessly. To be humble, compassionate, patient, to be grateful, to be ready to fall in love with anything and make it all count. Those 4 years brought me through a bunch of seasons. I lived and watched each of them take their place. All happened as it was meant to be. Each season glowed and set in their ordered time. Riding with spontaneity became my sport. Time and time again I am sure that things happen best in freedom. I eventually discovered my life’s purpose and fell in love with it so deeply so that I am determined to chase that […]
October 21, 2019

Bananas, Unicorns & Other Things

“The little things in life really are spectacular enough that they deserve to be blown up to magnificent proportions even on the most simple of days.” Dylana Suarez These words resonated with me ever since I read it and have spurred me to pay more attention to the little things around me. The more I inspect life in its most stripped down state, I begin to see that the tiny things and moments are just as beautiful and captivating as the grand ones. Every moment – big or small deserves to be given thanks for. and that, is such a magical thing to do. Because for that one fleeting moment you’re completely focused and immersed in seeing the good and beautiful, life is enough and we really don’t need anything more. I immortalise moments like that in writing. Books and books of moments I never want to forget.
October 20, 2019

The Candid Salad Dream

Well, hello there! If you’re here, that means you’ve probably heard I’m finally getting on with this little dream project of mine! I’m so glad you are here! As the Title suggests, this blog will be a salad bowl of everything candid: Art, Lifestyle, Travels, Food, Magic Moments, basically. You can think of it as a ‘Coffee Table Blog’ full of fresh and real stories, articulated with words that are truthful, sincere and straight from the heart. As a firm believer of not wasting experiences, I’ve been documenting my share of adventures in the last 4 years, some very defining years of my life – both big and small, spectacular ones and even ordeals, and dreaming for the longest time about creating a safe place to empower one another through our vulnerabilities, to celebrate and spread love, pure intentions and light. The dream is to be mindful and to look upon each and every moment with a full tank of gratitude, to never underestimate the crazy dreams, and watch where this beautiful life will take us. The goal is to be bright and overflowing with love, joy – Nourished with rawness, empowered with healthy motivations, to have the ability to […]